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Overview Sobha Ayana Panathur Main Road, Bangalore

Sobha Ayana is an upcoming residential property by SOBHA Limited that focuses on providing affordable homes to first-time home buyers. Sobha Ayana is a new residential project developed at Panathur Main Road in Bangalore, one of the emerging locales favored for its best infrastructure and connectivity. Panathur Main Road, where Sobha Ayana lies, is gradually developing as a residential area. Connectivity to various IT parks, malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, and international and domestic airports is easily accessible in the area. The development is situated within the Outer Ring Road (ORR), meaning that commuters can quickly get to some of the key areas in Bangalore.

Project Configuration
Project Location Panathur Main Road. Bangalore
Total Land Area 18 Acres (Approx.)
No. of Units 500
Unit Variants 2 BHK and 3 BHK
Possession Time 2029 Onwards
Type SBA Price
2 BHK 1900 Sqft* ..Cr* Onwards
3 BHK 2200 Sqft* . Cr* Onwards

Aerobics Room


Health Club

Yoga / Meditation


Banquet Halls

Grocery Store


5 Badminton Courts

Table Tennis

Snooker Pool Room

Indoor Games Room



Paw Park

Children's Play Area

Tennis Court

Volleyball Court

Cricket Net

Football Field

Leisure Pool

Children's Pool

About Sobha Ayana
Wipro Limited- SEZ- 2km
IT Hub- 10 minutes
Metro Bellandur - 6.5km
Carmalram- 2.5km
About Sobha Ayana Sobha Ayana is an upcoming residential property by Sobha Limited that focuses on providing affordable homes to first-time home buyers. Sobha Ayana is a new residential project developed at Panathur Main Road Bangalore, one of the emerging locales favored for its best infrastructure and connectivity. Panathur Main Road, where Sobha Ayana lies, is gradually developing as a residential area. Connectivity to various IT parks, malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, and international and domestic airports is easily accessible in the area. The development is situated within the Outer Ring Road (ORR), meaning that commuters can quickly get to some of the key areas in Bangalore. Sobha Ayana is spread over a 17-acre land area and has several phases designed to separately offer all the necessary comforts. The project provides many types of apartments, such as 2-BHK and 3-BHK, to fulfill the needs of various families. Sobha Ayana, comprising 1780 units, offers spacious homes and an active and engaged community. Undoubtedly, one of the most impressive attributes of Sobha Ayana is the variety of facilities that ensure a high quality of living for its residents. Facilities available for outdoor use include a swimming pool, children's playground, tennis court, multi-purpose court, and a planned clubhouse. These facilities offer many recreational and fitness activities and social areas, which guarantees that the residents have all they need, even without going outside the compound.   The development of Sobha Ayana consists of several stages, which have been planned and approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of India or RERA. The phases comprise different wings, which help maintain a sequential and orderly construction workflow. It makes it easier to manage the resources available, and the homes are completed and offered to the buyers on time. SOBHA Limited has always been famous for its architectural brilliance, and the same goes for Sobha Ayana. One may highlight the project's well-considered layouts that allow for efficient use of the space or the necessary living conditions. The apartments have been designed using quality materials and meet modern living and social requirements.   Pride in quality shines through Sobha Limited in providing impeccable facilities at Sobha Ayana. The company complies with the quality of the materials used and the construction process used by the firm. It also ensures that residents have good-looking, attractive homes that are also strong and useful. It is wise to invest in Sobha Ayana for several reasons. The project area is located in a region experiencing growth, so property values are likely to increase in the future. Further, the quality of construction and the offering of all-around facilities on the property make it ideal for end-users and investors. The credibility and reliability of Sobha Limited as a real estate developer are other aspects that make the project reliable and worthy of investment. Sobha Ayana developed the concept of green architecture during its planning and construction phases. The work also involves the principles of green building and the installation of energy-saving systems for energy conservation. This commitment to sustainability helps improve the health standards of residents and also plays a part in the health of our environment. The location advantage of Panathur Main Road is that it is closely connected to many parts of Bangalore. The transportation system in the area is sound because there are various means of transport that people can use to go to work, school, and other places. Providing social amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, among other nearby facilities, makes Sobha Ayana even more appealing.   This aspect is evident in the design of Sobha Ayana, which has created room for community living among the occupants. Various amenities and common areas are available for children to engage in social and communal activities. Such emphasis on community living helps facilitate strong bonds of friendship among residents and enhances the quality of life. Sobha Ayana is the epitome of a luxury lifestyle, with a suitable location and many facilities. Its aesthetic design, good artistry, and 'green' approach make it a recommendation for potential first-time homeowners and investors. Thus, Sobha Ayana, backed with the excellence of Sobha Limited, promises to offer residents the living experience they envision for themselves.   We aim to give potential buyers and investors a clear idea of what Sobha Ayana has in store, the features and facilities offered, and the advantages of investing in the property. It precisely describes the project's benefits, though no actual hype is used, thus sounding believable and convincing.

How is Sobha Ayana different from other projects?

Location and Connectivity

  Situated in north Bangalore on Panathur Main Road. Located near IT business parks, malls, hospitals, educational institutions, and international and local airports.   It is near Outer Ring Road (ORR), directly connecting it to other city parts. The proposed metro station nearby is a plus point for the accessibility factor.

Project Highlights

  Standing on a total area of about 17 acres of land. Consists of both a high-rise (B+G+23 floors) and a relatively high-rise (B+G+17 floors).   Offers two and three BHK units measuring 2439 sq ft to 2782 sq ft and 3142 sq ft to 3233 sq ft, respectively. The total number of apartments comprising the whole project, including different phases, is 1780.  

Unique Features

  Based on the Zen philosophy of aesthetics, which values simple and orderly designs. Light and ventilation are two essential aspects considered in architectural designs as much as possible.   Accommodation features a swimming pool, children's playground, tennis court, multi-court, and a planned clubhouse facility.   Spacious green areas and well-developed areas of plantations. It shows the creation of a free-flowing environment with various open areas.  

Construction Quality

  The organization enjoys a reputation for the quality of its construction projects and emphasizes picky concerns. Use of only quality materials and superb construction methodologies.   Compliance with strict industry health and safety measures. These are fitted with current fire fighting systems and safety measures.  

Community and Lifestyle

  Created to include people with other social and recreational amenities to enhance their interaction. Some include Different fun events and activities that the residents can participate in.   Some amenities include a gym, yoga arena, jogging trail, and indoor games. Ensure that the goals revolve around encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle.  

Investment Potential

  Location ensures the potentiality for getting the property's value many times. Ideal for investors and those who bought homes to hold them for some time.   A necessity for renting houses in the area since most areas are close to IT hubs. Offers good returns on its rental income.  

Eco-friendly Initiatives

  Include environmentally sensitive activities such as rainwater management and the use of solar energy. The focus is decreasing carbon intensity and CO2 emissions and increasing shares of cleaner energy.   Water conservation systems increase the effective use of water resources. Water is recycled in areas such as washing cars and other non-consumable activities such as irrigation.

Comparison with Other Projects

  Unlike all the other projects, Sobha Ayana promises a perfect living with comfort, style, and functionality. Pay much attention to the concept of work-life balance since issues of work, leisure, and recreation should receive an equal level of attention.   Client perception that Sobha is a company with a specific brand preference for timely construction of quality projects. Good record of the company's customer satisfaction and regard from the consumers.   Based on these factors, Sobha Ayana can be distinguished by its location, construction quality, range of services, and top priority, which is the community living concept. Provides something not easily found in other developing sites, such as the simple luxury and serenity of the place, which fits the needs of the selective client.   Suggests that it is a good business proposition with the prospect of generating colossal profit. This makes for a high quality of life with well-planned and well-intended spaces that make up the homes. This analysis helps us understand how Sobha Ayana is distinct from other real estate projects by categorizing and expanding on how the former is better.  

Amenities and Facilities at Sobha Ayana

Sobha Ayana is a comfortable housing estate with many luxurious services. To its credit, the project involves a set of amenities and everything within the premises designed to accommodate and appeal to various generations and people's tastes.  

Outdoor Amenities

  Design: A beautiful oversized pool – the structure and design is aesthetic to the eyes. Purpose: The best for recreation and vacation. Children's Pool: A kiddies' pool area to avoid accidents and have fun at their pool.   Playground Equipment: Swings, slides, jerks, climbing frames, etc. Space: This is because there is ample space for the kids to run and play around as they do their different adventurous activities.   Courts: Tennis courts can receive the badge of professional standards. Coaching: There for use by residents. Tournaments: You can enjoy community tournaments at national championships.   Sports: Basketball, badminton, and other activities such as volleyball, soccer, tennis, and even table tennis can be conducted at the facility. Accessibility: Free to people of the area. Lighting: lit for evening sports, especially football and basketball games.  

Indoor Amenities

  Facilities: Fitness center, indoor sports, television, and game room. Events: The area is for all sorts of activities and is open to the community members. Library: Reading and studying in a quiet environment.   Equipment: Ultra modern exercise machines. Trainers: Instructors are for professionals. Classes: Fitness classes daily may include yoga and aerobics.   Services: Spa services include massages, facials, and any treatment considered a wellness routine. Ambiance: Low noise level enables individuals to feel repose and freshness. Packages: Spa services are available for different residents.  

Green Spaces

  Design: Well-lit with shady plants and trees and a clean environment. Walking Trails: South formal pathways for walking or jogging. Seating Areas: Places to sit: benches and gazebos.   Concept: For message passing for meditation and resting. Elements: They have fountains and rocks, and you can see simplicity in the designs of some facilities. Ambiance: It's quiet and a very calm environment.  

Community Features

  Events: Among the activities, some examples of the services include parties and marriages. Design: Conception with the title of open air with soft furniture. Usage: Available for Dash residents and rent to other individuals for personal occasions.   Facilities: To cook out on the grill and seating area. Booking: This is an excellent way to rent out for public or personal events. Maintenance: It will include proper cleaning and maintenance.  

Security and Safety

  Surveillance: There is CCTV surveillance camera surveillance throughout the day and night on the property. Guards: Security personnel who attended the training were on duty. Access Control: It has limited access and points, offering secure entry and exit points.   Equipment: Fire fighting equipment includes fire extinguishers, alarms, and sprinkler systems. Drills: Proper fire drills are also done from time to time. Compliance: Compliance with policies and standards regarding safety regulations is also strictly observed.  

 Convenience Features 

  Parking: Sufficient car parking facility for the dwellers and guests. Electric Charging: Electric vehicle charging points. Security: Parking lots were also made secure by surveillance.   Products: Food, personal necessities, perishable and perishable foodstuffs, and other household necessities. Location: Where they are easily accessible within the premises of the companies that deal in these products. Timings: Available for the residents all round-the-clock due to its open from round-the-clock operations.  

 Eco-Friendly Features 

  System: It is characterized by an Efficient rainwater collection system. Usage: Water consumed in areas apart from cooking and utilized in irrigation of plants and other related purposes. Sustainability: Participates in the water-saving processes.   Energy: Solar for AC and lighting of the common areas. Savings: Decrease in the energy consumption and hence the effect on the environment is less. Maintenance: The system needs to run optimally; hence, there is a need for consistent maintenance.  

Health and Wellness 

  Space: Indoor space for practicing Yoga & Meditation. Classes: Yoga and meditation classes will be done daily. Ambiance: There will be a clean environment where everyone can do yoga.   Paths: Drives configured specifically within the facility's compound. Surface: Comfort and tripping hazards-free surfaces. Scenery: Trees, shrubs, and other plants provide a good feeling.  

Entertainment and Leisure 

  Screenings: The movie theater is for residents and has frequent movie shows. Seating: Colorful and relaxing style of arrangement of chairs and armchairs. Booking: Available for rent only to the party.   Events: Generally suitable for parties or more treatment as a group. Facilities: They have amplifiers for audio systems and chairs, which makes it easy for the users. Booking: Residents may reserve this.  

 Technology and Connectivity 

  Coverage: Free Wi-Fi is available mainly in the accessible zones to clients. Speed: Internet connection that is fast and reliable for connectivity. Access: With provision made for all the residents in the community to access the services.   Automation: Home automation of electrical plugs and electrical locks. Control: Mobile control applications. Integration: Suitable for pairing with many smart devices.  

Support and Services 

  Availability: On-call maintenance employees are responsible for the repairs and problems in the section. Response Time: Fast response to the requests made by the residents. Expertise: Experts for the professional requirements for maintenance purposes.   Assistance: Sometimes you need assistance booking and other related services. Desk: Some of the most essential information is easily accessible in areas such as entrances. Availability: Always open for residents throughout the day and night.  

Location Advantages

  Convenience: Near intended IT parks and business hub. Commute: Reduced traffic congestion for the working population, saving time. Connectivity: High accessibility of the location for public transportation.   Shopping: Nearby shopping malls and other shopping places. Healthcare: Access to medical facilities. Education: Areas near well-established schools and other learning institutions. The sophisticated comfort provided by Sobha Ayana through several amenities and features makes it a prestigious living destination. The project deals with most aspects of modern life and gives its inhabitants the best quality standards. The amenities in Sobha Ayana range from security and technology to social responsibility elements that are integrated and incorporated perfectly into each unit in the building. From the well-manicured lawns within the compound to the well-equipped gym within the same compound, the residents have a chance to have it all, thus a holistic feel of the compound and their unmatched lifestyles.  

Location of Sobha Ayana

Sobha Ayana is one of the new-generation projects of SOBHA Limited, located in one of the most well-developed locales, Panathur Main Road, in North Bangalore. This location is going to be the next residential area where most of the facilities and structures are within easy reach.  

 Location Advantages

  IT Parks: Located near large technology centers, which will be a benefit for business people. Malls: There are also lots of shopping centers and malls around for shopping and other recreational purposes. Hospitals: This means that distance to compact hospitals guarantees that clients can easily get the medical attention they need. Schools: Other schools in the location are also recognized for providing quality education to the student community. Transportation: Near International/ domestic airports and railway stations for easy access.  

 Project Highlights

  Land Area: The project covers an extensive area of 17 Acres of land. Floors: They are the B + G + 23 floors and the B + G + 17 floors. Total Units: This project provides a total of one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five standard units of apartments. Apartment Types: Standard offering pertains to 2 BHK luxury homes of sizes 2439 – 2782 sq ft and 3 BHK luxurious homes measuring 3142 – 3233 sq ft.  


  Swimming Pool: A swimming pool that is well maintained for swimming, leisure, and any other use without restrictions. Children’s Play Area: A safe and exciting playground for them. Tennis Court: Fitness and sports amenities for athletes and all those who consider this activity an important part of their lives. Multi-Court: A place suitable for many forms of physical activity that include different kinds of sporting events. Clubhouse: More than just a utility room, the space is set aside for the members of the community to partake in various tasks and events.  

Master Plan and Floor Plans

  The master plan reflects a thoughtfully designed layout that maximizes space use while ensuring residents' comfort and convenience. Detailed floor plans are available, showcasing each apartment type's efficient design and spaciousness.  

 Environmental and Sustainability Features

  Gardens: Extensive green areas and gardens create a serene living environment. Water Management: Efficient water management systems are in place to promote sustainability.   Solar Panels: Solar panels to harness renewable energy. Energy-efficient Fixtures: Energy-saving fixtures are used to reduce the carbon footprint.  


  Panathur Main Road: This major road provides seamless connectivity to various parts of Bangalore. Outer Ring Road (ORR): Proximity to ORR facilitates easy access to other vital areas.   Bus Services: Well-connected bus services ensure easy commuting options. Metro Connectivity: Proposed metro lines to further enhance connectivity.   Educational Institutions Schools: Numerous reputed schools nearby. Colleges: Access to esteemed colleges and universities for higher education.   Hospitals: The tendency of leading neighborhood hospitals helps provide quick and professional medical care.  

Shopping and Entertainment

Malls and Markets: Convenience for access to shopping and entertainment facilities. Recreational Facilities: There are many recreation areas to ensure that people with different hobbies get a place they can enjoy doing what they like.  

Security and Safety

  Gated Community: This increases the security of the living environment by controlling who gets access. 24/7 Security: Security guards and closed-circuit television for security. Fire Safety: All measures employed to enhance fire safety within the premises to improve the lot of the residents.   Clubhouse: A faithful associational life that includes social and group activities. Sports Facilities: Different kinds of sports complexes to encourage people to do physical activity. Children's Play Area: Since young children love to play, child-friendly, safe play areas must be designed.  

Investment Potential

  Property Appreciation: It is found in an emerging zone and may have great potential for value increase. Rental Income: This indicates a high demand for rental housing in this area, indicating that an individual can quickly get a constant flow of rental income there.   Sobha Limited: Reputation of solid construction and achieving the developments on time would guarantee a sound investment. Sobha Ayana at Panathur Main Road Bangalore is a luxurious project with all the requirements necessary for comfortable living and located at a very convenient location. The location of the project, coupled with the company's background, makes this project one that many people would like to invest in for their use or business. Easy access to all the project's amenities, energy efficiency and functionality, and aesthetically appealing architecture add value to living standards.    

Cost of Sobha Ayana

  Pricing of the Sobha Ayana properties depends on various parameters such as location, features such as clubhouse, swimming pool, gardens, quality of construction, and overall project delivery. It is important to break down these elements to get an insight into how each of them factors into the overall cost.  


Panathur Main Road Bangalore: Located in an upcoming zone of Bangalore, Sobha Dream Gardens enjoys easy access to IT premises, malls, hospitals, schools, and the international/domestic airport. They are preferred since they offer the added advantage of easy access to the property, thus adding value to the property.    Best Connectivity: It has good connectivity with Outer Ring Road (ORR), making it more suitable for employees who work at various technology companies within the city. Accessibility means a higher rating for the land and, therefore, the cost of the property.  

Project Specifications

  17 Acres: The mentioned location occupies a vast area of land, which allows developers to offer considerable territory for both residences and the development of facilities, which is beneficial for those planning to purchase a property with a vast amount of living space.   High-Rise Buildings: Some of the layouts are B + G + 23 floors and B + G + 17 floors; the construction of tall buildings may lead to more cost, but the tall building offers visitors and residents pleasing views of the surroundings and more privacy.   1780 Units: Having many small flats spread through multiple wings and phases also means a vast choice for customer selection and thus impacts the pricing scheme depending on the demand for particular property types.  


  Swimming Pool: A well-maintained swimming pool serves as a luxurious finish, adding value to the lifestyle of the occupants and hence could justify the cost of the house. Children’s Play Area: A variety of safe and well-designed spaces for kids contribute to the family-friendly characteristics of the project. Tennis Court and Multi-Court: Sports Amenities offer leisure activities, thus enhancing the value and appeal of the residence. Proposed Clubhouse: Additional cost factors are involved, particularly in the construction of amenities such as a clubhouse containing some of these facilities to encourage interaction among residents.  

Quality of Construction

  High-Quality Construction: A good example is the choice of best resource quality; the use of high-quality and effective construction technology is expensive but has a long-term positive impact on the residents.   Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Including concepts like rainwater harvesting and other efficient systems in constructing the green building contributes to additional cost in the delivery process but improves on cost and ecological advantage in the future.  

Phases and Approvals

  RERA Approvals: Every stage of the project is separately registered and approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) to meet regulatory requirements and let clients know about them. It ensures a positive perception by customers, clients, and other stakeholders, hence justifying the prices.   Multiple Phases: The project is divided into five phases, and each phase has distinct wings and unit configurations. Phased development is more manageable when it comes to project implementation, and phased financial implementation decision-making impacts the costs.  

Facilities and Overall Work

  Large gardens: Natural amenities such as parks and greenery around the area and specially designed gardens help beautify and improve the surrounding environment. Though these add to the expenses, they improve the quality of living in the project.   Advanced Security: Adopting the latest security measures promotes resident security, thus maintaining high standards of living, which is accustomed to higher costs.   Ongoing Maintenance: Maintenance of common property facilities makes them durable and functional, and this is reflected in the cost of the property in terms of service charges.   The fabulous location justifies the price of Sobha Ayana properties, excellent building quality, number of amenities and services, and strong project management. Connectivity and infrastructure, along with security and maintenance aspects, also go a long way in the pricing structure of the Web radios. Habiting and investing in Sobha Dream Gardens is a long-term value investment, with a perfect mix of luxury, convenience, and sustainability as a jewel in the Bangalore real estate market.
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